Developing advanced thermoplastic composites material in China

March 25, 2020
Partnering to research and develop high performance thermoplastic composites
Jiangsu Institute of Industrial Technology (JITRI) has partnered with the University of Sydney’s Centre for Advanced Materials Technology (CAMT).

Led by Professor Yiu-Wing Mai Research Group, the CAMT will work with the Institute of Advanced Polymer Materials Technology (IAPMT) to promote the development of thermoplastic composites and apply them to high and new technology fields such as rail transit, clean energy and automobile industry.

Aiming at developing and commercialising high-performance polymer based advanced thermoplastic composites and supporting technologies in an international advanced level, the project is expected to fill the gap in Chinese market in this field. The development of prepreg equipment and process technology, composite material interfacial control, composite material 3D printing technology and other aspects will be emphatically carried out in the project.

The partnership contract was officially signed on Monday, but the collaboration between the two parts has started since 2018.

Professor Yiu-Wing Mai

Professor Yiu-Wing Mai is a global renowned expert in the field of composite materials science. Professor Mai has made great academic contributions to fracture and fatigue of materials and structures, preparation and evaluation of advanced composite materials, simulation, preparation and evaluation of nanomaterials and optimization. ISI HighlyCited. Com ranked Prof. Mai as one of the most influential materials scientists in the world.

CAMT of Sydney University has been founded by Prof Mai in 1989. The Center has started pioneering research on high performance thermoplastic composites since the 1990s. Especially in recent years, CAMT has made many pioneering achievements in the development of 3D printing technology for continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites, and has become a leader in this field.

Established in December 2013, JITRI is chartered with crucial role to promote and to support the industrial technology research and commercialisation of advanced technologies that may significantly impact the economic development of Jiangsu Province.

Located in the famous historical and cultural city of Nanjing, the IAPMT was established in December 2017 and is a member institute of JITRI. Well-funded and fully supported by the Nanjing Jiangbei New Area and JITRI, IAPMT is an open platform with a fund that is over RMB 100 million for R&D equipment. It engages in industrial and applied Advanced Polymer Materials technology research and development as well as incubation of high-tech companies. Today, it has attracted more than 10 teams that are the most well-known Polymer Material scientists and technologists.