Extra degree help for new students is popping up

July 30, 2019
A pop-up service for new undergraduate Science, Business and Arts and Social Sciences students will provide extra help with planning their course during their first weeks of the coming semester.

Carslaw West Learning Hub

Between 31 July and 5 September, a temporary pop-up space will operate in the Carslaw West Learning Hub, to welcome new students in the Science, Business and Arts and Social Sciences faculties, and provide extra guidance for those needing a hand to choose their units of study.

Staffed primarily by senior students, the focus of the service will initially be on making the new arrivals feel welcome, and on providing guidance to help them choose their units of study and build a degree pathway.

As part of that welcoming process, new students will have the chance to:

  • understand why it is important to plan out their whole degree when enrolling, and find some tools to help
  • talk through the process with a student from the faculty where they will be studying who has been through the process themselves
  • use self-help stations to get started on their decision-making with peers available to offer some simple on-the-spot guidance

New students will be able to visit the pop-up from their initial enrolment up to 5 September.

The service is intended to complement the critical support services provided by the Student Centre and faculty advisory teams.

Delivered by the Student Experience Program in conjunction with the three faculties, the pop-up space is part of the Student Experience Strategy trial-and-learn approach to explore new ways to improve students’ transition into University.

Student Experience Program Stream Lead, Vanessa Hobbs, says the service will provide immediate extra help for a significant number of new University students, as well as important learnings for future programs.

“We know that particularly for our new undergraduates, the more personal assistance they receive to navigate the University in the early weeks, the more likely their student experience will be a positive and successful one, so we’re really pleased to have been able to work with three of our faculties to do this for the coming semester,” says Vanessa.


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