Launch of the University of Sydney’s news subscriptions

May 28, 2018
Keep up-to-date on news from the University of Sydney
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The University of Sydney has launched a new subscription service, which will allow readers to receive email alerts as soon as news articles are published.

The University of Sydney’s News & Opinion publication is home to the latest news and independent opinion from our academic community.

Each day we publish new articles about the latest research publications, news from our campus or expert analysis on issues like the federal budget.

The new subscribe function means you can now sign up to receive the latest news from the University of Sydney straight to your inbox.

As one of the world’s top research universities, our academics are regularly publishing research in leading peer-reviewed journals.

From a highly elastic glue that seals wounds in 60 seconds to a new survey of Australians’ attitudes to online privacy and surveillance, the University’s News & Opinion publishes news stories as our academics’ research comes off embargo.

The new functionality will mean subscribers can customise the topics and frequency of email alerts.

Vice-Chancellor and Principal of the University, Dr Michael Spence, said it has never been more critical to ensure that quality research and facts were available to the community.

“An inclusive and diverse intellectual community, one that is open and engaged with those whom it serves, is likely to be more intellectually rich and more effective in its pursuit of knowledge,” said Dr Spence.

Anyone interested in news from the University – whether from the media or government, industry partners or our staff, students and alumni can keep across specific areas of interest by subscribing to a specialised topic, such as:

  • Arts & culture – News releases and stories about new research and activities that include the visual, literary and performing arts. Also covers languages and other aspects of culture.
  • Business & economics – Articles about new research and activities in finance, business organisation, management and other macro and micro economic issues.
  • Campus & community – News about the University of Sydney’s rankings, degree offerings and university-wide initiatives as well as higher education generally.
  • Government & politics – News about research and expert analysis addressing Australian and international governments and politics.
  • Health & medicine – Research news from our Faculty of Medicine and Health as well as Faculty of Health Sciences. Also covers opinion pieces about health written by our experts.
  • Law & society – News from our community covering legal, social and ethical issues based on peer-reviewed studies or expert analysis.
  • Science & technology – Research and other news from our science disciplines and faculties.

Disinformation in the digital age means independent research and expert opinion has never been more important.


  • News_

    • December 13, 2018
      Bionic eye project has sights on human trials

      Phoenix 99 Bionic Eye’ system involves a microchip being implanted on the top of the eye with a tiny camera mounted on a pair of glasses delivering images wirelessly to the microchip for processing.

    • November 19, 2018
      Largest student mobility program in Australia

      The University of Sydney now has the largest student mobility program of any university in Australia, doubling in size since 2014.

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