3 inspiring Sydney women tell their mathematics story

Marking the first International Women in Mathematics day Three of our inspiring mathematicians share their journey, passion and how they think we can get more women in mathematics. In 2014, a woman was awarded a Fields Medal – considered the…


ACAMAR Visiting Fellowship

ACAMAR, through a generous endowment of funds from CSIRO, ICRAR and the Department of Industry has a budget of up to $90K/year(AUD) for the next three years to sponsor distinguished researchers to make the extended visits to Australia and enhance collaborations on…


For giant pandas, bamboo is vegetarian ‘meat’

Pandas’ mix of herbivore and carnivore traits explained New research using an approach called nutritional geometry sheds light on giant panda evolution, and their unusual transition from carnivorous ancestry to extreme specialised herbivory. Pandas have a strange mix of have…