The school that students built: hands-on learning in Vanuatu

Celebrating our donors on Thank You Day, 17 September   A squatter community on the outskirts of Vanuatu’s capital will soon have its first school, thanks to Sydney architecture students and a crowdfunding campaign. Architecture student Juthamas Marsh with children from…


How can you reduce your pet’s eco paw-print?

Nutrition affects animal welfare, human well-being and the planet Experts discuss how to reduce your companion animal’s carbon footprint at the 9th Annual Robert Dixon Memorial Animal Welfare Symposium in the School of Veterinary Science. Maybe we should keep smaller…


Sydney expertise helps reveal Earth’s early transformation

Researchers contribute to landmark global assessment University of Sydney experts are among a global group of 250 archaeologists who have contributed to a groundbreaking assessment of ancient land use. Professor Peter Hiscock and Dr Patrick Faulkner from the University’s Department of Archaeology are members of…