University doctoral student wins entrepreneurship contest

July 13, 2017

Tan Songwen, a doctoral student from the School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, the University of Sydney, and CEO of Au High Tech Pty. Ltd., visited the University of Sydney Centre in China on July 12.

Tan Songwen participated in the “Win in Suzhou” Venture Contest for International Elites Oceania that concluded at the end of May and won the championship with his flower-like lactose project, a dry powder inhalation product with independent IP rights.

The championship brought Tan Songwen a series of funding and venue support from Suzhou municipal government. He is currently engaged in investigation and evaluation and striving for venture capital investment to prepare for the incubation of his winning project in Suzhou.

Sponsored by the People’s Government of Suzhou Municipality, “Win in Suzhou” Venture Contest is an annual event initiated in 2011 and designed to identify outstanding innovators and budding entrepreneurs and attract talents and projects to Suzhou. Tan Songwen stood out from the 10 finalists from all over Australia during this year’s final, his road show unanimously acclaimed by the judges for its remarkable efficiency in improving the performance of respiratory disease drugs.

Tan Songwen credited his achievement to his research studies over the past two years at the University of Sydney where he got inspired by his PhD supervisor and supported by his fellow PhD candidates. Tan Songwen is just a representative of the many students who have benefited from the University’s efforts to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship among not only academics but also students.

Judy Deng, Operations Manager, and Rachel Zhang, Business Development Manager, the Centre in China, talked with Tan Songwen and provided him with policy consultation and entrepreneurship guidance. “The information is very useful and the Centre in China is really supportive,” Tan Songwen said.

A native of Changsha, Hunan Province, Tan Songwen graduated from Harbin Institute of Technology, Weihai (Bachelor of Engineering), Korea University (Master of Engineering), and is expecting to obtain his PhD from the University of Sydney at the end of next year.


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