The University of Sydney’s Urban Media Lab exhibition in Suzhou, China

January 19, 2020
On the 17th of January, nine students from Bachelor of Design Computing at the School of Architecture, Design and Planning exhibited their projects at the StrongLED facilities located in Suzhou, China.

This program is the University’s first time running an international design studio with a large corporate partner in China. This workshop was the first step towards establishing a professional partnership with offshore industries around teaching in this field as well as potential employment and internship opportunities for our students in China.

Nine students led by Dr Luke Hespanhol, lecturer at The University of Sydney, presented their creative prototypes of urban digital media for the purpose of digital storytelling in large metropolis.

1. Messages to the Moon

In China, the moon represents wishes for reunion and nostalgia. Our concept ‘Messages to the Moon’ is inspired by the importance of reunion for people in China and the world. We hope to help bring people together through sending messages.

2. Nian Monster

Firework show has always been a tradition of Chinese Spring Festival, however environmental concerns have caused large cities to ban this activity. “Nian monster” is inspired by the Chinese folklore of fireworks and firecrackers to expel the Nian monster. The designers hope that through the display of fireworks on the electronic screen, both children and adults can experience the traditional taste of the New Year while protecting the environment.

3. Falling Fortune

Falling Fortune is an interactive media architecture design concept that incorporates the traditional Chinese fortune sticks to tell stories of fortune with lights. In order to facilitate understanding and enhance entertainment, the creators evolved the written fortunes into animations for display on large metropolis buildings through the medium of light.

The two-week internship project is an attempt by The University of Sydney to promote teaching cooperation with large corporations offshore, we hope to continue to establish strong relationships with leading global partners and provide potential internships and employment opportunities for The University of Sydney students.


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