Message from the Vice Chancellor

The University of Sydney has been Australia’s leading university with regard to engagement with China over the past few decades – we were the first Australian university to have research links with China, and we were also the first university to welcome Chinese students and academics in 1979.

Today we have around 12,000 Chinese students studying at our campuses in Sydney, and more than 200 academic staff studying China directly or collaborating with Chinese researchers. However, despite the closeness of our relationship, the University of Sydney has never had a physical address in China – until now.

The launch of this new centre demonstrates that the University of Sydney is leading the way in ensuring that the relationship between our two great countries is one of friendly collaboration defined by the exchange of ideas.

Michael Spence

Message from the Executive Director

Building on the University’s world-class scholarship and research across a broad range of disciplines from medicine and sciences to the arts, humanities and social sciences, and our significant and long-standing academic partnerships in China over the last six decades, the Centre in China will realise our vision for sustainable, mutually beneficial cooperation across all levels of higher education and research engagement.

Executive Director

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    • May 16, 2019
      Leading virtuoso Zhang Qiang and prodigious pipa performer Liu Lu in concert

      One of the world's greatest pipa players, Zhang Qiang, will join Sydney Conservatorium of Music lecturer Liu Lu to perform for the first time in Australia.

    • May 14, 2019
      3 inspiring Sydney women tell their mathematics story

      Marking the first International Women in Mathematics day Three of our inspiring mathematicians share their journey, passion and how they think we can get more women in mathematics. In 2014, a woman was awarded a Fields Medal - considered the highest honour in world mathematics - for the first time. That woman was Maryam Mirzakhani,...

    • May 10, 2019
      ACAMAR Visiting Fellowship

      The successful applicants will have the opportunity to visit Australia for up to three months, and are encouraged to visit multiple institutions.