How will COVID-19 affect Australia-China business relations?

Cautious optimism for Australia-China business relations after COVID-19 Four leading China experts agreed Australia’s commercial ties with China are likely to remain strong after the COVID-19 pandemic has passed, although they will remain intertwined to the sometimes fraught political and…


Chancellor re-elected for a third term

Belinda Hutchinson to continue as University of Sydney Chancellor Last Friday, the University of Sydney Senate unanimously agreed to re-appoint Belinda Hutchinson AM to the role of Chancellor for a further four-year term.   Her third term in the role…


Is your coffee contributing to malaria risk?

Deforestation for consumer products increases malaria transmission Global demand for products such as coffee, tobacco, cocoa, timber and cotton is depleting the rainforests and creating conditions where mosquitoes thrive. Demand for coffee has a direct link to malaria risk. Photo:…