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Yin Ruxin, a blooming flower finds her garden

Sydney Interns’ Study Experience and Internship Life USYD Master of Agriculture and Environment student Yin Ruxin has been admitted as a R & D assistant intern by JITRI Advanced Polymer Materials through China Industry Internship Program (CIIP). On the 2020…


Generation-Z Li Tianchen taps into career potential

Sydney intern’ study experience and internship life “CIIP gives me an opportunity to take my first step” Generation-Z (born 2000 onwards) is growing up and leaping into the workforce. Aged 20 this year, Li Tianchen is a second-year undergraduate student…


Wang Yutong: I owe my gratitude to China Industry Internship Program

Sharing interns’ study experience and internship life First year Public Health postgraduate student, Wang Yutong, has successfully applied China Industry Internship Program (CIIP) and admitted by China Cardiovascular Association (CCA) as an intern. She is among a total of 24…