Chinese Youth League thumbs up on the Anti-coronavirus Song initiated by USYD Alumnus

April 28, 2020
“Breathing (Song Written during the Spring Festival)”, initiated and created by USYD alumnus Chen Yan, has been reposted by the Official Weibo Account of the Communist Youth League Central Committee for paying tribute to the Anti-coronavirus campaign heroes and promoting the anti-coronavirus spirit.

The Anti-coronavirus song “Breathing (Song Written during the Spring Festival)” was initiated and created by Chen Yan (FanCY), a young musician and one of the University of Sydney alumni, and was recorded by 34 students from universities in 34 provinces (Chen Yan, as the songwriter and initiator, participated in the song and MV recording on behalf of Shaanxi universities and overseas students). This is also the first musical work in which students from universities of all provinces in the country have been involved.

“If we introduce this work in three sentences, the first one is that it is an MV that needs to be watched at least 37 times, the second one is that I do not believe that there are difficulties that Chinese people can not overcome, and the third one is acknowledge.” Chen Yan said.

I don’t believe that there are difficulties that Chinese people can’t overcome (Original intention of creation)

The approaching of Spring Festival of 2020 should have signalled the happiest day for the whole Chinese people to reunite, but the outbreak of the COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus overshadowed all events throughout China.

All the people were forced to be quarantined by staying at home, thus turning an original busy city into an empty one. Medical staff signed the written request for Anti-coronavirus battle assignments for the purpose of rushing to the front line. People from all walks of life donated materials and funds, and singers created various Anti-coronavirus songs to cheer up the whole of China and pay tribute to the front-line medical staff. As an independent musician, Chen Yan believes that, the battle against the epidemic is not just a matter for medical staff.

Regardless of the degree of the ability and fame, everyone should be part of it. After creating the song in early February, Chen Yan decided to contact college students from all provinces in the country to perform the song together. He hoped to arouse the positive and optimistic response nationwide to the novel coronavirus with the enthusiasm and vitality of the students. In addition to the sonorous and rhythmic lyrics, Chen Yan tried to artistically invert the lyrics, which was the first time in his creation.

This is an MV that needs to be watched at least 37 times (Participant)

Although these 34 students from all provinces, districts, municipalities and special administrative regions of the country didn’t meet each other, they gathered together out of destiny and dedication, and a heart to salute the medical staff.

The participating students were all non-music majors and worked on recording by their mobile phones at home. Perhaps the song was not professionally sung, these students from campus were the most sincere. “There would be no separation when it comes to fighting against the epidemic, and charity songs should not be the patent of public figures and musicians. I hope everyone can take part in them, for it is sincerity that always impresses people most.” Chen said.

Chen Yan said that the inspiration of MV came from the current form of online courses of major universities during the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, and it was the first time that 34 students meet each other when recording the MV.

At the beginning of the MV, every student holds a piece of card, forming the word “China”, which means that 34 provinces constitute the motherland and are indispensable. The singing order appears according to the severity of the epidemic in relation to the province, and the image of each student representing that province will slowly disappear after he/she finishes his/her singing, which also means that the number of reported virus cases in that province is zero. Chen Yan said that the blue sky and white clouds in the background symbolize the expectation that the epidemic will end completely and people can breathe freely. Chen Yan explained that the nameless head portrait in the lower right corner of the MV represents all other Chinese people who did not participate in the recording, and he hoped that all people could identify their original intention from this song, work together to fight against the epidemic and overcome the difficulties.

With regard to the reason for watching this MV at least 37 times, Chen Yan explained: “34 students means that the MV will be watched 34 times; the nameless head portrait in the lower right corner represent both all the audience and the group of overseas students, indicating the 35th time of watching the MV; for the 36th time, we need to view the lyrics, and for the 37th time, we need to watch the overall MV”.


Chen Yan hopes to express his gratitude to the front-line medical staff through this song, and all the words he wants to say are included in the song. “I want to express my thanks to the students who participated, and I believe that our motherland will only become better and better when I see their vitality and enthusiasm.”

According to Chen Yan, as “Breathing (Song Written during the Spring Festival)” is a charity song, all the profits from it will be donated to the Zhongnanshan Medical Foundation of Guangdong Province in the later period, and he hopes he can play a small part in supporting the development and preparation of the COVID-19 vaccine.