Generation-Z Li Tianchen taps into career potential

December 23, 2020
Sydney intern’ study experience and internship life

“CIIP gives me an opportunity to take my first step”

Generation-Z (born 2000 onwards) is growing up and leaping into the workforce.

Aged 20 this year, Li Tianchen is a second-year undergraduate student majoring in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at the University of Sydney. he has recently been admitted by Crystal Pharmatech as a Research & Development (R&D) intern through China Industry Internship Program (CIIP) and started his internship two weeks ago.

“I’ve always wanted to find a formal job that can be put in my resume, that can make me clearly realize what I want to do in the future,” Tianchen said, “CIIP gives me an opportunity to take my first step”.

“I’m doing projects under the guidance of my mentor.”  Tianchen said, his recent task is to build an experimental instrument and design experiments to prove the feasibility of a single crystal growth method.

Xu Jun, the deputy director of Crystal Pharmatech R &D, had a deep impression on Li Tianchen: “he has a high enthusiasm, participates in various activities, asks questions on his own initiative, and has a very good spirit of active learning.”

“Li Tianchen has his own ideas”, “has fast acceptance of professional knowledge”, these are some compliments from the team leader of Crystal Pharmatech R & D, Zhong Zhi. Li Tianchen’s attitude not only helps him improve his ability, but also was the reason why the company chose him.

The key to win an job interview

As an applicant without relevant working experience, Li Tianchen has to be fully prepared to get this internship.

“When I was applying for this company, I learned what they are doing and what the company’s philosophy is on their official website. Before interview, I bought some teaching materials related to the job, such as ‘Crystal analysis and research’. I had a brief look, which provides me with many points to talk about during the interview. “

In addition, the sophomore also prepared his self-introduction in advance and predicted what questions interviewers would ask, “so that I could behave calmly during the Q&A session.”.

Tianchen thinks “authenticity” is crucial to the success of his interview. “Talk more about real experience and real feelings. Honesty is one of this company’s philosophy, so they would attach great importance to it.”

Zhong Zhi,  Tianchen’s interviewers, has also accredited it. “Professional knowledge is only one aspect of consideration. We are more concerned about whether students can look at problems honestly and take the initiative to learn when they encounter things they don’t understand. We prefer students who can actively consult materials and discuss with others to obtain a deeper understanding in a short time.” Li Tianchen is such a student.

The Charm of Chemistry

When chatting with Li Tianchen, we can truly feel that he has a strong interest in chemistry and experiment. Through his description, we can see a fun chemistry world. his passion about chemistry and experiment has led him to choose Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering.

“The career pathway of chemistry major is relatively vague, so I chose engineering. It is obvious that engineering will go deep into a specific industrial field. For me, the future goal will be clearer.” Tianchen is also very concerned about the employability of his major. What makes him proud is that the engineering discipline of the University of Sydney ranks 61st in QS World University Discipline in 2020, and the graduate employability of the University of Sydney ranks first in Australia and fourth in the world.

 Tianchen recognises Sydney University’s curriculum design as very practical, he said many units are designed based on the requirements of real jobs, this made him choose to study at Sydney University without hesitation. After two years of study, he also found the “pragmatism” of the University of Sydney. “In class, you are equipped with some skills that you will use in your future career, and the university attaches great importance to your career.”

Speaking of the most interesting part of his course, the student excitedly shared an experiment he had done at Sydney University. “The teacher introduced a computer software that can simulate the expected results of the experiment, we can go to the laboratory provided by our uni to verify whether the computer software results are close to the actual results.” The real experimental environment, rich industrial elements and advanced equipment provided by the University of Sydney enable Tianchen and his classmates to explore the charm of chemistry.

After finishing his first year at the University of Sydney, Li Tianchen received an invitation from dalyell scholars (the threshold is WAM 80). It enables him to engage in scientific research projects and to work interdisciplinary with outstanding students from other faculties.

Tianchen modestly attributed his high scores to luck, but his reasonable arrangement of time and weekly summary of studying progress can be regarded as the secrets of his academic success. As he said, “the University’s scores and ratings can truly reflect the learning outcomes of each semester.”.

As for the future, he hopes that he can engage in developing new products or designing manufacturing processes. With his passion about chemistry and experiment, his spirit of seeking knowledge, we believe more opportunities will be waiting for him in the future.

This is part of a series of “Sydney intern” related to CIIP internship offer holders and their experiences.


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