‘Slash Youth’ Wu Yuchen Embraces Multiple Identities

March 4, 2021
Sydney Interns’ Study Experience and Internship Life
The term ‘Slash Youth’ has been widely used in China to refer to young people who enjoy exploring different fields also experiencing various roles, and refuse to be defined by just one identity. Wu Yuchen, a second-year postgraduate student majoring in Architecture at the University of Sydney, is a typical ‘Slash Youth’.

Secrets of Successful Interviews

When received the email announcing CIIP open for registration, Wu Yuchen had taken online classes at home for almost a year. “I haven’t stepped out of my home to connect with the society for too long. I was very excited to see the email and submitted my application immediately.” The youngster applied for Robert Walters Shanghai through CIIP so as to explore headhunting industry which he had never touched before.

It’s not easy to enter a new field. Yuchen took five rounds of interviews to get the internship, including three rounds of face-to-face interviews within one day. Recalling the interview process, the intern likens it to a battle with “martial art experts”. To survive from the “battleground”, Yuchen has his tactics: “One is to have a basic understanding about the company you are applying for and the team you are about to join; the other is to cultivate logic skills and language organizing skills frequently.” Yuchen successfully joined Robert Walters Shanghai life science team with his abilities of quick responding and excellent expression.  

Robert Walters Shanghai is a renowned professional recruitment consultancy that serves clients all around the world. The intern’s job is to help employers find candidates. Since he has never been involved in life science area, Yuchen had difficulties going through candidates’ resumes at start. Through constant learning and practicing, he gradually built up his interpersonal relationship in the industry and strengthened his understanding of the field.

Diversified Experience at Architecture School

Although Yuchen’s current job seems to have no relevance to architecture, he still values those experiences he gained from the School of Architecture, Design and Planning at the University of Sydney – because they turn out to play an important role in his intern journey

“Learning architecture indeed is producing products as demanded by customers. You need to sell, to persuade customers to buy your ideas. 30% is what you do, and 70% is what you present.” After years of training at Sydney University, Yuchen has been equipped with strong presentation, communication and marketing abilities, which are exactly needed by headhunting industry.

QS ranking 20th in 2020, Sydney’s architecture major brings together a group of teachers and students with distinctive personalities. “Many teachers have good networks in the industry, they often invite prestigious guest lecturers, so you will have many opportunities for learning and networking.” “Brainstorming with friends while making models at homebase in school is very enjoyable, we laughed a lot though we stayed up late.”

Yuchen regards joining various overseas projects through school as another interesting part of his degree. For example, he went to a small village that is 30km away from the capital of Papua New Guinea to participate in local infrastructure construction; he went to Indonesia to conduct research and plan for water sanitation projects; he even engaged in a post-earthquake reconstruction project in Nepal.

Through these projects, Yuchen applied what he learned from school to real life. He not only exercised his professional skills, broadened his vision, but also met different people. “In the third world countries, after seeing their living conditions and communicating with them face to face, I had different insights and ideas about the whole world. In a globalized world, we need to get in touch with different people and things to foster our way of thinking globally. “

These highlights and valuable chances kept Yuchen to stay at Sydney University for five years, where he completed his undergraduate and postgraduate studies in succession.

Extra / Dormitory Assistant / English Teacher

Dating back to very beginning of his life at the University, when Yuchen first arrived in Sydney five years ago, he realized that his spoken English was not good. He then chose to chat with Australians proactively, not afraid of being rejected. He soon got along with the Residence Administrator of the apartment he lived in, even got a part-time job as an assistant.

Apart from this, Yuchen never stops trying various possibilities. When he saw the extra recruitment advertisement on Facebook, he signed up to play in a Czech Q & A variety show, discussing with other participants about Czech food, history and culture in English.

The slash youth knows that if he stays in the comfort zone when studying abroad, his opportunities are limited. He always explores ways to broaden his networks and resources, so as to have more experience and get different views. After his English got improved, he began to help new senior immigrants learn English in non-profit organizations and became an extracurricular English teacher.

Whether it’s work, study, or life, Yuchen can always do a good job. Just as his favorite movie The Wolf of Wall Street says, “Successful people are 100% convinced that they are masters of their own destiny.” One day, Wu Yuchen will shine like the stars in his eyes.

This is part of a series of “Sydney intern” related to CIIP internship offer holders and their experiences.