The third anniversary of Centre in China

November 11, 2019
Based in the Suzhou Industrial Park Dushu Lake Science, Education and Innovation District, the centre is a multifunction research and education hub.

It is designed to facilitate and strengthen intellectual and creative exchange between Australian and Chinese researchers, academics and students.

After three years, the centre has become a base to learn more about China, its society and language. It has fostered greater collaboration and understanding at the people-to-people level, and between institutions across China; and bring industry and academia together.

Support innovation and entrepreneurship

The Centre in China is a key platform to connect researchers and entrepreneurs with institutes, industries and businesses across China. The Centre also provides collaborative workspaces to bring people together to facilitate exchange and as a bridge for University of Sydney students, researchers and alumni to forge new partnerships. The Centre is a hub to transform ideas into high potential start-up businesses in China.

Michael Milne, Executive Director of CiC and Judy Deng, Deputy Director of CiC  visit JITRI

Strengthen academic engagements

The University of Sydney Centre in China lays foundation for developing and strengthening academic engagements and exchanges of ideas. The centre provides a platform to create innovative and knowledge networks, identity emerging opportunities, strengthen research and industry collaboration.

International Symposium on “Xiqu: Transformation & Transmission across Time & Space”, 4-7 July 2019

Student mobility, internships and mentoring programs

The University of Sydney Centre in China offers various programmes and activities for students from home campus across China. It also works with Chinese government and industries to provide internships and mentoring programs.

Pre-arrival orientation program

The University of Sydney initiated the pre-arrival orientation program from 2018. The aim of this program is to ensure that students have as much information as possible to make their transition to life in Australia and study at the University easy and prepared.

The University of Sydney 2019 S2 Pre-arrival Orientation in Suzhou, Beijing, Chengdu, Shenzhen and Shanghai (about 1,000 students and parents), 16-22 Jun 2019.

Sydney Ideas

The Sydney Ideas platform connects leading thinkers from Australia and the world to the local academic and broader community for intellectual and creative exchanges.  The Centre hosts regular talks, discussions, performances and exhibitions that bring academics, business leaders and the creative arts sector together to share with the public ideas that can make a difference.

Sydney Ideas: Zuowang bookstore with USYD academics, 2 July 2019

Alumni Networks

The University of Sydney Centre in China liaises our alumni across China. Creating networks to working with business, industry and government in China and to link with peers globally, the alumni network will be an essential element in supporting and growing University of Sydney engagement in China.

Alumni Event: Supply Chain Pain, 27 May 2019