Wang Yutong: I owe my gratitude to China Industry Internship Program

December 7, 2020
Sharing interns’ study experience and internship life
First year Public Health postgraduate student, Wang Yutong, has successfully applied China Industry Internship Program (CIIP) and admitted by China Cardiovascular Association (CCA) as an intern.

She is among a total of 24 USYD students received internship offers from 19 enterprises in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Suzhou.

First met

Located on the south shore of China’s largest inland city lake – Jinji Lake in Suzhou, CCA is under the joint initiative of academician Ge Junbo and other well-known cardiovascular experts in China. The association was established in Suzhou Industrial Park in 2015, sponsored by some renowned institutions including Hospital Management Institute of the National Health and Family Planning Commission.

Yutong has been working in this association for almost a month, her internship life gradually gets on track. She was curious about her work at the beginning but has now become skilled.

From a student to an office worker, Wang Yutong thinks that she has completed the transformation. “I shall always owe my gratitude to  CIIP,” she said, “it is the launch of this program that gave me a clear direction when I was looking for internships.”

Affected by COVID-19, Yutong cannot return to campus like many other Chinese students. She wants an internship to gain some working experience. The internship opportunity CCA position offered by CIIP is closely related to her major – Public Health. This non-profit scientific research institution is under the guidance of China National Health and Family Planning Commission also Suzhou Industrial Park Management Committee. Yutong said, this internship makes it possible for her to do research work she likes meanwhile to learn from many experienced hospital insiders.

Before participating in CIIP, Yutong just finished another internship as a research assistant at Nanjing First Hospital Health Development Department. “My main responsibilities include assisting projects, doing some basic investigations, and doing basic experimental operations guided by PhD students. I also did literature search, mainly English literature, read and analysed literatures, summarized and organized valuable peer reviews.”

Speaking of her experience in applying for internships, Yutong thinks that honesty is the foremost. “Good resumes impress HR most. Writing cover letters needs more sincerity and more complete analysis of your strengths and weaknesses.” She also summarised some tips for doing job interviews including dress code as well as no bragging. “Just honestly tell interviewers how your theoretical knowledge can contribute to your work.”

Make choice

“Public health was born out of the suffering of mankind, and it has grown in times of social distress by standing up for the health of all.” The quote from Professor Tang Jinling from The Chinese University of Hong Kong played a significant role when Yutong was choosing her major. Public health has an altruistic spirit and has never been a purely medical problem, and Yutong is captivated by this diverse discipline idea .

The University of Sydney’s Public Health enjoys a high reputation in the world, ranking No. 35 globally in 2020 ARWU. Apart from this consideration, Wang Yutong thinks Sydney University has the most beautiful campus in Australia and she can step out of her comfort zone from Melbourne and start her degree in a new city.

Yutong has a very specific plan after her graduation, “If I am interested in a particular branch of the MPH, I may apply for PhD to conduct in-depth research. If not research-oriented, after graduation I hope to join the governmental public health system or some NGOs specialised in social and public health issues.”


Yutong has been doing online learning for almost a year. Comparing with offline courses, she finds herself adjusting well. “I have more discretionary time now. This has allowed me to keep a habit of going to the gym every day. I also don’t have to worry about being confused about lectures contents because I can review all the recordings over and over again. The only thing I feel pity is that I don’t have a chance to visit the beautiful campus of USYD.”

Yutong found that the most interesting part of her degree is relevant to the current international situations. “It is the covid-19  that people started aware of the importance of public health and preventive medicine. It is a matter of pride to be recognized for the profession you study.”

This is part of a series of “Sydney intern” related to CIIP internship offer holders and their experiences.