Yang Yunrui: never stops exploring

January 21, 2021
Sydney Interns’ Study Experience and Internship Life
From a globetrotter exploring the world on foot to a USYD student perceiving the world through International Studies; from a Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) freshwoman to Shanghai Redfern Digital intern, Yang Yunrui explores her curiosity and keeps pace with changes. Here is her story.

A Surprise from CIIP

Yang Yunrui is the only first-year Sydney student admitted as 2020 China Industry Internship Program (CIIP) intern. Received the offer from Shanghai Redfern Digital three months ago, the freshwoman flew to Shanghai right away from China’s Southwestern megacity Chongqing.

“I could not believe I can get an internship as a freshwoman!” Looking back at her CIIP journey, Yunrui describes the internship as a big surprise for her first-year university life. “It only took me two weeks from seeing the CIIP registration email till I got an internship offer after rounds of interviews, which is quite beyond my expectations.”

In Shanghai, Yunrui enjoyed a fulfilled life. Redfern Digital is a start-up that helps brands navigate China’s digital ecosystem. Unlike working at big companies, Yunrui took on as much workload as full-time employees in Redfern. She was involved in increasing international brand awareness and converting that awareness into sales for more than ten international brands during her internship.

Staying in Shanghai alone, the young adult overcame challenges from all aspects. At work, she adapted quickly to the workplace, learned to communicate with colleagues and customers, often worked overtime to complete urgent tasks within a short time. In study, she squeezed her spare time to attend classes, write papers and complete assignments. Meanwhile, she also managed troubles like accidental water and electricity cut-off in her rental apartment. All has trained her various abilities, “I suddenly found myself out of the Ivory Tower, a completely different experience”.

Fiona, the senior digital executive of Redfern Digital also Yunrui’s mentor, comments the intern as a responsible, thoughtful person with strong learning ability and adaptability. “Although she is young, she is well-organized, has creative ideas and logical thinking. “

Perceiving the world through USYD

In 2020, Yunrui travelled to four countries, visited seven cities, and bought more than 20 air tickets. Most of the time, she lived independently in hotels and rental apartments. The ups and downs made her even stronger.

Back to high school days, Yunrui went to the United States and Germany for exchanges.  Thereafter, she fell in love with traveling around the world by herself. In her gap year after high school, she continued her globetrotting. She would stay in cities she likes for some days, do part-time jobs to subsidize her travel expenses, and be ready to depart at any time.

Yunrui prefers destinations with strong cultural backgrounds. Wandering in museums and strolling at art galleries are her ways to learn about a city. After traveling to more than 20 countries in all continents except for the Antarctica, the traveler chose to better perceive the world through International and Global Studies major at Sydney university.

Ranks 25th in the QS World University Discipline in 2020, the University of Sydney Arts and Social Sciences provides various of choices for students. Yunrui chooses Digital Culture as her second major because she wants to work in e-commerce or short-video industry in the future. Given a strong interest, she also minors in Anthropology. She strongly recommends this minor since anthropology can take her on a mind journey of human civilization although her body is locked at home due to the pandemic. In addition, influenced by her internship in Redfern Digital, the first-year student is considering adding Marketing as her second minor in next semester.

Yunrui knows how to fully use different resources. When she first arrived in Sydney, she actively joined various societies through Facebook pages. She acquainted many Australian friends and were invited to participate in more interesting activities, such as camping and hiking to discover the beauty of Sydney. However, her exploration of Sydney only lasted for a few weeks and had to pause because of the pandemic.

“Although 2020 has many difficulties, as in previous years, family has always been the best cure. I’m happy and lucky. In 2021, I don’t ask for more, only hope for peace and health.” We believe that Yunrui will not stop exploring the world, she will soon find more beautiful scenery that no one has ever seen.

This is part of a series of “Sydney intern” related to CIIP internship offer holders and their experiences.