Yin Ruxin, a blooming flower finds her garden

January 7, 2021
Sydney Interns’ Study Experience and Internship Life
USYD Master of Agriculture and Environment student Yin Ruxin has been admitted as a R & D assistant intern by JITRI Advanced Polymer Materials through China Industry Internship Program (CIIP). On the 2020 Christmas Eve, the first-year postgraduate shared her story with us in Nanjing.

Exploring the unknown

“It was a sunny morning, I received an email in regard of the CIIP registration. I haven’t heard of  this program before, but it’s really attractive, so I started my preparation immediately.” Yin Ruxin thus boarded her CIIP journey.

After thoughtful selection, Ruxin applied for a R & D assistant position at JITRI Advanced Polymer Materials Research Institute. The institute focuses on chemical industry and polymer materials, while the student’s major is agriculture and environment. It may seem like two different fields, but Ruxin sees connections.

“I want to get to know chemical industry further as it can affect environment, so as to think about how to reduce environmental pollutions from the source.” Ruxin was finally admitted by a department researching plastic materials in JITRI. Doing market research is her first task. Although the intern has never done it before, she has to learn from scratch and challenge herself in a new field.

It’s not the first time for Ruxin to try interdisciplinary exploration. After graduating from gardening major, her first internship was an architect assistant. The daily drawing work not only improves her landscape design ability, but also helps her explore the architecture industry. At the same time, the explorer also attended teacher qualification examination because she wanted to be a teacher after graduation.

Friend to flora

Wandering on the winter street of Nanjing, Ruxin introduced many plants knowledge to us. “This is a tea tree”, “many street trees are actually grafting trees.” In her eyes, those normal street trees are all lives with their own names respectively.

Ruxin’s love for plants can be traced back to her high school days. At that time, going to stores after class and buying some seeds also soil in the cup can always make her day. “I enjoyed growing a row of plants at home, such as peppermint and strawberry.” This hobby naturally led the flora lover to choose gardening as her undergraduate major. When selecting postgraduate school, the agriculture and environment major at the University of Sydney attracted her a lot because of its emphasis on research, many experimental courses and a lot of theoretical learning support. Most importantly, the University of Sydney ranks fourth in the world in terms of employment competitiveness.

Affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, Ruxin wasn’t able to make her return after only one semester stay in Sydney, but what she missed most about Sydney is her unfinished plant genetic experiment and her DNA production which is about to expire in the laboratory. The experiment is to study a genus called Ajuga. She needs to analyze the plants that belong to this genus from DNA molecules perspective. This is what she wants to make up for when she returns to Sydney.

Application experience

Speaking of her preparation in applying for internship, Ruxin finds it important to think about how to ask recruiters questions apart from knowing how to answer questions. “I prepared many answers for my interview, tried to showcase myself, and avoided being brushed off. However, they asked me more about my requirements for the company and what the company could provide me with.” Ruxin then realized that interviewing is actually a two-way selection process. As an applicant, it is vital to show some preferred attributes, it is also a bonus to clearly understand what kind of platform the company can offer and how to use it in the future.

In addition, Ruxin shared her tips in writing resume and cover letter. “Since the R & D assistant needs communication and organization skills, I included my experience of being a team leader and organizing various activities in my resume; because it is a research-related position, I wrote about my laboratory experience and data processing ability.” Reading job responsibilities, filling in attributes and abilities accordingly are the necessities of standing out. The experienced applicant highly recommends the University of Sydney Career Hub because of its rich resources. She benefited a lot from series of job-hunting and resume-writing webinars.

The flora lover can be likened to a growing garden. Each of her experience is a unique seed, with the watering of time, it continues to sprout and bloom. One day, we will see a beautiful garden.

This is part of a series of “Sydney intern” related to CIIP internship offer holders and their experiences.